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How To Wake Up: Am I In The Right?

You might've noticed that I am a reader and fan of Lifehacker. I read the site. I listen to the podcast. I follow many of the writers on Twitter and on Google+.

Yeah, it might be getting to that creepy level.

A recent post covered the subject of getting up in the morning. For a good long time in my life, Morning was a point in my life I dreaded and feared. There was a semester in my life when I'd go to sleep after SNL on Saturdays and not wake up until 5pm Sunday evening, so sleep is a known issue to me. Their suggestions are finding an alarm clock that works for you, putting it in a place where you have to get up to shut it off, and resetting your internal clock. All of these are good techniques. The thing I'm mentally playing with is (by several possible means) setting a light to be on at the time I schedule to be up, so that I'm not met with a dark room and thus more inclined to fall back asleep.

The killer app for me has been Smart Alarm Clock, which finds the point in the sleep cycle where you are sleeping the lightest, then wakes you then. This and seriously backing off on caffeine have

I have been vocal on the G+ list on this subject. Some of the others have been saying "stop being a lazy bastard" and "go to bed earlier". I'm generally against shut up and nut up advice, because it really doesn't give you a mechanism for change. If there is ever a point in the day where it is difficult to exercise your will, it is right when you are supposed to wake up. As for getting to bed earlier, that's all well and good, I guess, but there is a point where you can have too much sleep, which leads to being groggy and tired, which are two reasons you'd want to reach over and slap the snooze button.

I think I have kept my responses at a reasonable and respectful level, but I'm not sure how I'm coming off. If you read this and think I'm either factually wrong or brought out the nasty side of the argument, please respond.

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