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Easy Like Sunday Morning

Remember my intention to reimplement the Button?

I have my Easy Button torn down, with the speaker out and the circuit bent. You press the button and there is definitely signal going through. I scratched away at the green and soldered in. It works.

On the other side, I have my Teensy, and man, is it teensy. I'm now 93% sure that the micro-B USB cable I've been carrying arround is charge-only, because I couldn't get it to update the code. The code it has on it right now simply kicks out "Hello World" every 5 seconds. The next step, obviously, is to get the Teensy and the easy together, to code it up so that when I hit the button, it kicks out two scroll-lock characters, and to put that code up on Github.

And, to get a nice long micro-B cable.

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