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My Big Three for August 20-25

Matt Hunckler of VergeIndy sent out a challenge:
What’s big for you this week?

One of my closest friends asks me that question each Monday. The first time she posed the question, it caught me off guard. I can still remember my response.

“Um, my to-do list.”

It took about 2 seconds to identify that my snarky response was a lame attempt dodge the question. I hadn’t defined what was truly BIG for me that week. And I didn’t yet understand how powerful this simple question could be.

My friend and I worked together to identify the 3 biggest things for that week and I wrote them on a post-it. It took less than five minute, but it created a clarity that propelled me through the rest of my workweek. And the best part was that, at the end of the week, the list was complete—a welcomed supplement to the ever-growing list of things that need to get done.

I want to pay it forward. So, here’s the question for you:

What are your 3 Big goals for your business this week?

Write your Big 3 down on a post-it. Tell a friend, a mentor, a random person at a coffee shop—anyone. Heck, if you can’t find someone, email me.

Go ahead and reply with your Big 3 directly to this email. I can’t promise that I can reply to all of them, but I will certainly read each and every one. If there’s some way that I can help, I will.

Sharing this stuff can be scary. Trust me, I get it.
He went on to go through is goals. They are good goals. But I'm about my goals. Which are:
  1. Get My Work Status Worked Out: there's a thing I want to get into, startup-wise, but it is essentially working for the U, and I can't work twice for the U. Or something. Need to talk to some people who know, and to HR, about this.
  2. Do That Work: This involves a location-connected app, and I want to turn the whiteboard work into something we can put in a proposal.
  3. Get APR Stuff Done: This is my non-moonlighting project, for the people who currently pay me. I have it feature-complete, but now they want new features. I want to knock 'em out quickly.
I like this idea, and I will try to keep doing this. I might put outlining Monday's Big Three as Friday's last task. And, as I've stated mine, I should turn it around.

What Are Your Three Big Goals?

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