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I think Pure.js is out of the running

I have been on the lookout for a templating engine for Javascript. Thanks to the great outpouring of suggestions, I have a number of suggested libraries to test.

And first in the running was Pure.js. There is something to it, and it sounds like the author of the library, BeeBole, is a good programmer with an active user base, and he did try to be helpful to me, sending me this link to where he pulled templates from other pages.

If I could rewrite prompt() such that used a textarea equivalent rather than a popup with input type="text", I'd probably toss the whole thing. But, as this is what I'm looking for, my desire is for a solution that could work on a page that looked like <body></body> and what I see of pure.js is that it is much more aligned with replacing values it finds within existing structures.

I'm thankful for his help, but I'm off to try moustache.js.