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Weight Graphs

These are a series of generated graphs. The jagged blue line is the raw data of my more-or-less daily weight measures, and the red line is an average of the previous days' measurements. 

I don't measure every day, because I am human and therefore fallible. I take an average of the measurements of the n previous days, which means if I'm trying to get 20 and I skipped twice, I get 18. I would like to have that number graphed here, but I don't know R that well yet. Here, I'm increasing n by five, going from 5 to 30. My goal is to get to the trend line, to show I'm losing weight in total without getting caught up in the day-to-day jagged differences. After some poking, I decided to go with 20 days. Here, I've run the graph several times with different levels so I can see if there's anything better.

Clearly, the first few weeks will look similar, because a five day average will look like a 30 day average if you only have five days to work with. The trend line approximates 1 lb a week, I think. I should add that as a third line.


  1. that looks like going down!

  2. That it does, and I'm very proud of it. I generally don't talk about that part of my life here, as /var/log/rant covers the "sit down and code" part of my life, but there is some overlap here.