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"I am deeply shamed by what it looks like"

"Why don't you open source your code?" "I am deeply ashamed of what it looks like" (typical result of formal CS education?)

-- Ehud Lamm (@ehud)

If that's you, raise your hand.

It's kinda me, too.

Programming is like a brain dump, a distilled essence of your skills and knowledge at the time you wrote it, and once you have written something, you learn more and know how wrong your initial understanding of the problem and the language really were. Sometimes, your failings are such that you're not even wrong, that blowing it completely is something you have to aspire to.

I have code in my GitHub account. I think I have to be more explicit on licenses, and I know I have to put more of my stuff up there. But, if you want to know how to make a phone call with Twilio and Perl, or dump your Google Plus account to RSS, take a look.

And if you think it's ugly, by all means, submit a fix full of pretty and elegant code.


  1. This is a good place to be in, I think. It means your intuition has leveled up, and it's only a matter of time before your practical skill does so as well.

    I get to that place several times per year; if I don't, something is wrong.

  2. As a mindset, being ashamed of your code means you recognize progress. That is good.

    If it keeps you from sharing something useful, that is bad.